Belmarking Ltd is an independent family-run company, based in Sheffield – the heartland of British manufacturing excellence for over a century. With quick links to the motorways, we can offer a nationwide service of outstanding quality.
Firstly our attention to detail a “can do” attitude and high quality standards have seen us work with some of the largest names within industries such as:
Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemical, Commercial, (MOD) Ministry of Defence, Education, Electrical, electronics, Heat treatment, Oil & Gas, Marine, Mining, Nuclear, Power, Rail, Yellow goods (plant Products)
Where exacting standards are required, we can offer our years of experience and knowledge in precision engineering to bring your ideas into reality, from Standalone to Integrated systems.

Understand us, who we are & why should you consider us?

Belmarking is constantly improving, we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure helping us with up to date hi-tech equipment.
Most importantly we work with customers to meet their demands on singular or multiple units and within the specified time frame. In addition, we have offices throughout the UK providing a favourable environment to our staff and products.

Next, we have invested in our workforce which is the windrow of our system; Belmarking Ltd is proud to have a team of dedicated, skilled and expert engineers, who have given a major contribution to our company’s success over the years.

We have an experienced network team, dealing with direct sales and through distribution networks.
Opening our doors in early 2000 as IMS, we are now one of the preferred suppliers to Industry for Identification & Traceability Equipment.

Our products have been improved by listening to our customer’s demands and offering them a wide range of manufacturing alternatives. For instance, today we offer one of the widest

selections of permanent identification systems in the world.

For example, if your products are steel, wood, plastic or ceramics, large Heavy plant or small nuts & bolts, you’ll profit from our wide-stretching product range from handheld, standalone or integrated systems.

Quality Control

  • ISO International Quality Management System Certificate
  • CE/RoHS certificate, for superior quality and stable marking machine
  • Free sample marking service – send us your sample product, test our marking performance
  • Free inquiry on specific project-related marking solutions
  • OEM support service, professional R&D team for support
  • Compact wooden package ensures unscratched and easy delivery
  • 24/7 hours email support
  • 365-days FREE warranty on every marking machine

Team of Engineers

We have invested in our workforce which is the heart of our company. BEL-Marking Ltd is proud to have a team of dedicated, skilled and expert engineers, who by sheer virtue of their innovative skills have given a major contribution to the companies success over the years. Our network team is experienced with the knowledge of markets and industries. We have a symbiotic undertone with our teams, looking after each other’s welfare.

Quality Control

We have a keen eye on small detail within the Quality of the Product. This can be seen by the value of repetitive orders from our clients. BEL-Marking thoroughly tests and authenticates products with our certified technical staff and guarantees all products.

BEL-Marking’s Dot Peen Marking Systems are suppliers as electromagnetic or pneumatic systems

The systems can be controlled independently or via a Laptop/ PC
Air controlled – extremely fast
Electromagnetic – Deeper marking no airline needed.

Wifi units – no wires or air completely independent 18 Volt battery

Basic Principal

Our Dot Peen marking systems can be standalone, handheld (portable), or integrated systems. They can be used with or without a computer, can be pneumatic or electromagnetic with precise accuracy.

Our industrial marking equipment can mark on almost any surface (metal / non-metal materials) permanently by typing the information in to the PC/Laptop or control unit, simply download a logo. The stylus in a dot by dot motion will create a line on the surface marking logos or characters, date, numbers, serial No., VIN Codes, graphics, etc. with speed of up to 8 characters per Second.

Hardware Features

      • These machines can be with or without a PC , suitable for plain and radial as well as circumference marking.
      • These machines are used on automotive parts VIN plates engine components, body parts etc.
      • These machines are supplied as Portable handheld, Column mounted or combination 2 in 1 units PC based or with 7″ touch screen controller.
      • The machines can mark as a series of dots or continuous line marking almost like an engraved mark. Supported by multiple fonts.
      • Marking contains several characters, alphanumeric, date, numbers, serial no. graphs, etc.
      • Marks linear, angular, radial, inverted, mirror and circumference (peripheral) marking.
      • Supported packages: PLT, SLG, DWG format graph from AutoCAD or Corel Draw.
      • Operating systems can be – Windows 98, XP, Win7 (32 Bit). windows 10
      • Machine is made from modular type casing with a slick design.
      • Data cable is a soft connection with aviation fittings
      • Machine is equipped to accept a Rotary Fixture with 125mm Diameter Chuck, which is suitable for engraving job diameters up to 150mm, for large size diameter engraving, machine can be customised on requirement.
      • CE Certification

Software Features

  • Supports Windows XP/ME/98/7 (32 Bit) Support multi-kind fonts
  • Supports multi-language English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
  • Support linear, angular, radial, Inverted, mirror marking
  • All the logo sizes can be manipulated within the software
  • Marking speed is changeable as required
  • Supports Auto Increment serial number, 2D code, VIN lawmaking, etc
  • Support PLT format graph from AutoCAD, CorelDraw
  • Incremented number marking 1 – 999999
  • External database and TXT file support for seamless marking


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