Wifi Desktop Dot Peen


Bench Mounted Wifi Dot peen


Angular, Circular, Mirror, Inverted, Serial Numbers, Date and Shift Codes

CSV File Marking is simple and straight forward.

Direct output to a barcode printer possible.

Mark Datamatrix & QRCode barcodes from the software.


120mm x 100mm area to cover 95% of Desktop marking applications.

80 X 30 and 150 X 50 models also available.


Hi-Performance Electo-Magnetic Stylus for 24 x 7 working.

Force of marking can be set using force codes.

Machine also available in Pneumatic version.

3Axis System with Rotary device or Motorised Z axis is also available.

Multilingual user interface available in 11 languages.

Operate over a Windows or Android based device.


Not portable may struggle to mark larger parts.


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