Integrated Dot Peen


Integrated marking head


Angular, Circular, Mirror, Inverted, Serial Numbers, Date and Shift Codes

CSV File Marking is simple and straight forward.

Direct output to a barcode printer possible.

Mark Datamatrix & QRCode barcodes from the software.


The 50mm x 30mm window size compact portable machines


convenient fitment on existing machines.

4xM8 Mounting holes provided for firm mounting

Pneumatic and electronic versions

Can be used with all the controllers in both Pneumatic &
Electric versions.

Robust aluminium construction.

Most compact construction with maximum marking



The Bel-53 series of integrated dot peen are perfect for existing production lines and new ones in need of fast marking. These marking heads are great for consistent depth and size of the mark. The Bel-53 offer no stress on your products. They are small and can fit in the smallest of spaces, so when looking for a marking head for integration where space could be a problem, the 53 series is the best choice for you.