Portable Marking Heads


Portable marking head


Angular, Circular, Mirror, Inverted, Serial Numbers, Date and Shift Codes

CSV File Marking is simple and straight forward.

Direct output to a barcode printer possible.

Mark Datamatrix & QRCode barcodes from the software.


The 50mm x 30mm window size compact portable machines


The 50mm x 30mm window size compact portable machines

There is a pneumatic and electric version

Convenient handles provided for effective marking

Can be mounted on a stand if required as an optional feature

Front fixture customised to suit the application

Most compact construction fitted with linear
X and Y axes.


Hard wired, unable to mark far away from the controller



The portable range of Dot Peen are compact and ergonomic, great for large or heavy part marking. Designed for industrial environments, these marking heads are sturdy and built to withstand long marking processes. The marking heads have an easy to use start button to ensure you are ready before you get the most precise mark.


Quick to setup, connect to the controller and move to your part/station. lightweight and easy to move makes marking fast and manoeuvrable.