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Ease of use:

  • Extremely user friendly machine and software interface.
  • Easy navigation with windows 10 compatible operating system
  •  Can manage Log, serial no, VIN Plates, 2D codes(ECC200-QR Codes and GS1-GTIN)
  • Economical: high quality and performance for the price
  • Ergonomic: too holding on to the marking head, locating foot and control handle with carrying handle
  • Robust: Stainless Steel protection cover
  • Mark several characters per second, thousands of files stored depending on your hard drive.
  • Versatile: mark on many different materials (steel, aluminum, stainless, titanium, plastic, wood….)


Laser wave length 1064um

Laser repetition rate 0-100khz

Laser beam quality <2

Work size Normal 110X110-175X175mm bespoke available on request

Marking depth <3mm

Marking speed <7000mm/s

Marking line width 0.01mm

Mini character size 0.15mm

Repeat accuracy +-0.002mm

Laser life 100000h

Power supply 110V or 220V

Power consume 500W

Operating systems Win7/Win10

Windows/compatible file from coreldraw autocad photoshop /PLT DXF DST AI BMP JPG SHX TTF

Interface USB

Cooling air

Machine marking window 110 x 110 size

Machine dimensions 570X270X200mm and 800X650X1400mm

Weight <120KG different by style