GS1 Laser marking

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GS1 is quickly starting to become relevant when we talk about traceability and you need it on your products.

What is GS1?

GS1 is a new standard that is slowly coming in to play where products must have specific information on their products. This can include serial numbers, date, batch number. and the companies own GS1 code.

As of now it is not 100% in play but by the end of march it is looking to be the go to method of traceabilty for medical companies throughout the country.

How can Belmarking help?

Belmarking specialise in traceability for industry and commerce and are studying the ins and outs of GS1 standards. We now have the ability to laser engrave GS1 datamatrix codes as small as 3.8mm x 3.8mm and are looking to work with medical companies around the UK to get things started. there is no reason to wait until the last minute so we want to start now.


If you are in need of a sample visit our contact page for a free sample. Simply Find one of your products you are interested in having a GS1 code on. Provide the correctly formatted information and we will laser etch and send right back to you.