Need marking? there’s options! – Contract Laser marking

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You need your products marked!

Believe it or not but in the manufacturing industry traceability has become a core procedure that most companies now choose to proceed with.

You need marking so…

  • Customers know where parts have come from
  • Your products are recognisable
  • You can track who has and where your products are

Marking can be from customer requests to itemisation. Hundreds of thousands of parts to sometimes a small amount. These different factors all play into the decision of ‘Should I buy a laser?’

Our answer to that is yes. A laser has a lifetime of around 50,000 hours. No consumables and a 2-year warranty. Where is the downside?

‘I can’t afford/justify purchasing marking equipment right now’

This often tends to be a line that many customers say to us when we suggest a Laser marker to them.

We understand their perspective and we can always suggest other options such as Dot Peen marking and Chemical etch which are cheaper alternatives.

Dot Peen

Chemical Etch


But many still want the clean, professional laser finish.

Here we have the solution for you!

Belmarking offers a contract marking service where we can be hired to come to your place of work and laser mark your products or alternatively you can send your products down to us so we can mark them here at our own workshop.

‘Why should we hire a contract marking service?’

  • Affordable; much cheaper than purchasing the Laser marker your self.
  • Great for short term marking.
  • Saves you time.
  • Professional Laser finish
  • You now have traceable/branded products.
  • No learning or training required.

Contract Marking