New Wireless Dot Peen and why it should replace your old ones

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What is the Wireless Dot peen?

The Wireless Dotpeen is a variation of our bench systems only it is a smaller handheld device.

The device has a Wifi hotspot inside which you can connect an Android smartphone to. The devices software is a downloadable app from the play store which you open and make any alteration to your canvas and then sync with the Dotpeen to mark on your metal.


Marking software for Dotpeen

Why Should I use a wireless Dot Peen?


This device is designed to be held with ease. It does not get tiresome when using the Dot Peen. The soft rubber coating allows a great non-slip grip for any amount of marking. The ergonomic design is built to feel comfortable when using.


Unlike our other bench Dot Peens, this device has no wires at all! (apart from the battery charger.) No tripping hazards, no moving or shuffling cables, no air lines. It is a complete standalone kit that can be used without getting in anybodies way.

No Size or space Limitations

The perks of having a smaller hand held device is that the size of your parts that get marked does not matter. Whether it is 10 centimetres or 5 meters long the luxury of having this hand held device is that you can take it out of its case, type your text on the phone software, lock the phone and away you go. Place the machine on your small, large or any size piece and you can mark it with ease. Once you have finished turn it off, put it in the case and place it out of the way. The 45cm x 44cm case can be stored away without any problems.

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike the larger Dot Peens, the hand held requires less maintenance due to the size. An occasional dust on the inside to make sure everything is working smoothly and a replacement of Stylus supplied by us with Sheffield carbide Stylus’s